Building and Energy Efficiency

The overall philosophy of a construction is what makes it modern, and not just the materials that are used. The major factor of modern design philosophy is minimizing the energy consumption . The reasons are simple; economical use of the building, a healthy place to be and protection of the environment. The European Union encourages and rewards households that want to upgrade the energy class of the building by use of special programs. When constructing or upgrading the energy class of a building, the following points are of vital importance:

  • Insulation of external walls
  • Roof insulation
  • Frames (windows and doors)
  • Heating and cooling systems

The most complete method of insulation is considered to be the “external wall insulation”. In this process, insulation boards embrace the exterior of the entire building, and a sequence of special elastic mortar achieves a uniform surface, comparable to what we have seen in buildings until recently.

In this way, changes in the environmental temperature do not affect the structural elements of the building, thus having fewer contractions and expansions and avoiding cracks and the inflow of moisture. The external wall insulation can be readily applied to new or old constructions without restricting their architectural line. Roof insulation is another important factor for a well-rounded energy-saving construction.

There are plenty of roof insulation systems and, for them to be complete, it is suggested that water and thermal protection are combined. Depending on the accessibility of the roof, the floor may be concrete, marble, tile or simply gravel (in non-accessible roofs).

Apart from the energy loss and the inflow of moisture, roof insulation of a building also reduces condensation of the indoor air that creates the black spots on the ceiling and a feeling of discomfort in the space. Frames are another important energy-saving factor. Materials processed in ideal conditions, certified components, double window panes and rubber and high quality industrial paint, constitute an energy frame that can provide absolute waterproofing and use without problems. Maintaining a pleasant environment inside a building is complemented by the cooling and heating system. There is a wide variety of them and we can find the system that works best by taking into consideration the needs of each building. The performance of such a system is totally linked to the study of installation and the successful insulation of the building. Advanced materials in combination with a well-rounded structural application can provide a complete and modern construction.

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