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We are planning and design in all major sectors, we breath life into buildings through beautiful form and function.

Architectural Design

ALIBERTI PROJECTS establishes a partnership with our clients from start to finish. During the planning phase, we schedule consultations to determine what our clients feel is essential to meet their needs. We collaborate with our team of architects and engineers to implement a viable design, all the while honouring innovation, a modern aesthetic and environmental awareness.


For each project, ALIBERTI PROJECTS has solutions and applications starting from the earth works and reaching to the last detail in the decoration. With modern tools and equipment, our experienced staff contributes with maximum effort to the desired result, which is a complete and flawless construction.


The administrative supervision of a project is essential to monitor the implementation of the technical study in the economic, quality and time criteria set. At this stage appropriate expertise is required, which complies with the requirements and time designated, and the legislation and planning regulations of the State. Realizing the planning of the project includes the buildings , ancillary infrastructure, electrical installations, auxiliary networks, sewage disposal, fire protection, etc.

The most important factors for the optimal application of a study are two: the correct evaluation and selection of individual partners (designers, manufacturers, suppliers of materials and equipment), which our company has developed over the years in our fields of activity, and the continuous monitoring of individual sections of the financial budget of the project. Finally, the coordination of the engaged parts, while observing the time and quality criteria, is crucial, since the success of the final goal depends on it.


The aesthetic and functional needs of an area are something that evolves and changes over time. In this context, ALIBERTI PROJECTS undertakes the planning and implementation of projects for building that need renovation, repair, or upgrade energy class. Also, emphasizing the preservation of architectural features and fully respecting the history of each building, we undertake the reconstruction and renovation of old buildings.

Taking advantage of the experience of the staff in ALIBERTI PROJECTS, the laborious process of coordination of many working groups simultaneously, as well as the choice and purchase of the right materials required for the completion of the project, ceases to burden your daily routine.

Energy Efficiency

The energy upgrade of a building is the actions and measures undertaken to build a shield against the losses it has and make it less energy-intensive as much as possible. This means that the annual cost of the necessary heating and cooling of the building are minimized. A building which is properly insulated, has much less energy consumption, as the frames are with thermal break, the glass panes are energy-saving, it has a full insulation on the roof and there is a new technology boiler- burner or even alternative heating methods, such as the fireplace and pellet stove, gas, electric heaters, etc.

This practically means, that a “green built” building saves a lot of money every year. The official document which demonstrates the energy rating of a building and which energy class it belongs in, is the Energy Performance Certificate.


Finding the ideal house is an integral part of the services we offer. The accessibility, scenery, climate and privacy are the factors that will determine the location according to your needs. The style, lay out and energy rating of the building are the most characteristic factors that make each house differ. Aliberti projects invests in authenticity and manufactures high standard buildings, energy efficient, giving you suggestions and options that can meet your every expectation.

Each building has an exclusive philosophy that makes it completely unique and is harmoniously integrated in its environment. The appropriate color compositions and building components by our creative designers, combined with your own personal touch, can realize a unique result, your own Cycladic house. Projects and proposals can be found in most Cycladic islands including Naxos, Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos.

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