Ten luxury villas carved into the hillside.

The Candia Project consists of ten modern, independent houses carved into the hillsideon a unique amphitheatrical plot in the Mikri Vigla area of Naxos, only 25 minutes (9km) from the central port and 20 minutes(7km) by car from the airport. The houses have easy access to the following beaches: Orcos 12min walking distance, Mikri Vigla 14 min walking distance, Kastraki 10min (2km) by car, Plaka 15min(4km) by car and St. Anna 20min(6km) by car.

The construction of the buildings is of ecological character using natural materials and has an energy class A certificate. All the houses have unlimited sea view. Each house consists of a hillside-carved stone building which includes the living room, dining room – kitchen, one or two bedrooms with its own bathroom each, a shared WC and spaces to be used for the remaining needs. Comfortable and highly functional terraces with barbecue, dining area, resting and sunbathing areas, as well as a swimming pool, complete a well-rounded vacation house.


House 1

Living room - dining room: 27.50m2, 2 bedrooms – 2 WCs: 40.60m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 4.75m2

House 2

Living room – dining room: 27.50m2, 2 bedrooms – 2 WCs:40.60m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 4.75m2

House 3

Living room – dining room: 26.73m2, 2 bedrooms – 2 WCs: 41.06m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 13.82m2

House 4

Living room – dining room: 35.92m2, 1 bedroom – 1 WC: 24.27m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 3.85m2

House 5

Living room – dining room: 35.03m2, 2 bedrooms – 2 WCs: 25.81m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 3.69m2

House 6

Living room – dining room: 32.15m2, 2 bedrooms – 2 WCs: 22.89m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 13.95m2

House 7

Living room – dining room: 52.90m2, 2 bedrooms – 2 WCs: 70.02m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 7.35m2

House 8

Living room – dining room: 30.45m2, 2 bedrooms – 2 WCs: 46.54m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 4.54m2

House 9

Living room – dining room: 36.58m2, 1 bedroom – 1 WC: 24.90m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 6.79m2

House 10

Living room – dining room: 36.15m2, 2 bedroom – 1 WC: 24.65m2, Corridors – auxiliary space: 3.60m2

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